ELV Companies In Dubai

The Extra low voltage ELV company’s strategy is to integrate technology with the business process functionality to equip the individuals with on-demand resource management capability. Providing the individuals with real-time access to information and resources backed by superior technology infrastructure, AAKSS International Security System provide its customers with the opportunity to be in total control of their businesses anywhere, anytime.

There are many companies that provide Extra low voltage ELV Solutions in Dubai, but AAKSS is an exceptional company because we do not provide services only but we guarantee you quality services. If you are looking for structured Cabling and Cabinet Solution then AAKSS provides versatile solutions for multiple needs which includes copper solutions, fiber solutions, intelligent cabling solutions and much more. When it comes to your services, then trusting ELV Companies in Dubai is something difficult because not all of the worth your trust but when AAKSS International Security System is here then no need to worry.

When It Comes To The ELV Solutions In Dubai, We Offer:

AV Services – AAKSS International Security System can easily address all audio-visual needs, these needs also includes the Projection & Screen Equipment, Digital Signage, Interactive Television, Auditorium System and PA system.

Physical Security Solutions: AAKSS also provide its beloved customers with the best physical security solutions, we have proven ourselves by providing IP CCTV Systems for reputable companies.

Data Centre build Services: In the present time, organizations are centralizing their IT operations by cultivating central data centers. AAKSS aims to help individuals in this regard by utilizing its wide range of specializations to offer all the best. There are a number of Extra low voltage ELV contractors in Dubai but are they all like AAKSS International Security System In? No, we are a best company with all the best services.

AAKSS keep your business in Dubai safe:

AAKSS is a leading company in Dubai providing the best services, we are among one of the best Extra low voltage elv contractors in Dubai who are experienced as well as exceptional. As we are a top notch ELV Companies in Dubai, we use a combination of strategy plus cutting edge technologies so that we can provide you with exceptionally great services. We help the individuals to separately monitor working of various security devices. The ELV companies in Dubai, like AAKSS use a combination of broad range of cutting edge technologies which includes:

LAN & WLAN (Local Area Network & Wireless Local Area Network):

LAN is used to provide internet access to computer devices while WLAN allows connecting to internet through the use of wireless devices. Apart from this, LAN acts as the basic medium for connecting all other Extra low voltage ELV Systems in a security network.

Telephony based systems:

Most hi-tech business infrastructures make use of VOIP which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, it is actually the process of making calls over the internet and the purpose is to provide better accessibility and functionality to most business networks.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television):

Closed Circuit Television is known as CCTV; it is one of the most common security device that is used among the entire globe. CCTV offers the monitoring security of the entire building infrastructure and besides this, it also allows continuous recording through the use of Digital Video Recorders. Need CCTV services? Call AAKSS International Security System.

ACS (Access Control Systems):

Access Control Systems gives access to multiple locations in a building infrastructure. Access control systems make use of biometric scanners, face detection systems, RFID’s (Radio frequency Identification’s), retina scanners, voice detection systems, magnetic doors, magnetic sensors etc. here at AAKSS, we provide the individuals with the best ACS systems as they have desired from us.


IDS stands for Intrusion Detection Systems, when it comes to the security systems and its related matters then it’s a commonly heard word. It involves a combination of IR motion detectors, CCTV recorders, short range radars & much more. IDS systems can be used in homes as well as commercial areas. So if you are wondering for all the best and top ELV Companies in Dubai, then AAKSS is the solution that can offer you the best while staying in the budget.

Fire Alarm Systems (FAS)

Fire Alarm systems allows for easy detection of heat, smoke & even both, we provide the best FAS services here at AAKSS. It allows installation of beacon alert system as well, FAS helps in keeping the business infrastructure safe & protected from phenomenal hazards so that you can be safe.

AAKSS is a professional and an experienced company with the best elv system integrators in UAE who have been delivering the best security services to clients in the entire world and not just for the Middle East region.


AAKSS is the best Extra low voltage elv system integrators in UAE, as all of us know that information technology is the backbone of growing UAE economy and it can easily boost economic the growth while.

deploying the resources intelligently. AAKSS provides the best services to you, no matter what you need. To cater to your telecommunications, security, and surveillance needs we are the best option, so if you are looking for the most amazing services then give us a call or hire us now. Our services are reliable and budget friendly, so when you hire us then we provide you 100 best and that is guaranteed. 

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